• Valentine’s Day Reads – Our 7 Favorite Books to Warm the Heart

    Love is in the air this spring and while your child may be a little young to start learning about the birds and the bees, it’s never too early to teach the basics of strong and healthy relationships.  More than a romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread the messages of love, caring and giving.  Some of our earliest memories of Valentine’s Day involve exchanging special notes of love and friendship with our school mates, parents or friends.  As it happens, we’ve collected a list of 7 books dealing with the holiday itself as well as a variety of other timely issues on love and relationships of all kinds.  Instead of a box of candy this Valentine’s Day, why not gift a child you know with one of these fantastic books, all of which are available at our store here.
  • Illustrator Spotlight: Cleoward Sy

    Acclaimed children’s author Anthony Browne once commented on the fact that as adults, we tend to flip through the pages of a picture book quickly, while children will pause to “look more carefully” over every detail.  A child’s ability to pour over an illustration with an eye for these details makes the job of the artist for a children’s book all the harder.  Each image must engage the young mind with just the right mix of realism and fantasy all while perfectly placing extra elements to entertain even the most careful reader.  Never fear, Bryson’s Books artist Cleoward Sy is more than up for the challenge.
  • Reading to Your Children: Building A Foundation for Lifelong Success

    Most people recognize the need to teach children how to read.  However, far fewer understand the importance of exposure to reading, and language generally, at a very young age.  From birth, children begin to process their surroundings, taking in sights, textures and sounds.  Research studies have even shown that the number of words used around a child of just 8 months of age has significant impact on that same child’s vocabulary at 3 years.
  • Charity Spotlight: Reach Out and Read

    If a book is never read, does it still tell a story?  Reach Out and Read is a charity geared towards ensuring that question never needs to be asked.  The not for profit’s mission is introducing children to reading at the earliest stages, incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read together.  Through Reach Out and Read, children are provided with books by their pediatricians at each well-child visit, from 6 months to 5 years of age.  The charity also educates parents on the benefits of reading with your child for long term mental, emotional and social development.

  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter: Our 7 Favorite Books to Cozy Up to this Holiday Season

    It’s getting to be that time of year again.  The weather is getting cooler; the nights are longer and peppermint flavored everything has officially replaced pumpkin-spiced madness at your local coffee shop.  This also means that winter vacation for your kids is just around the corner ushering in a host of boredom induced shenanigans, sure to drive any parent a bit batty during this busy time of year.

    Instead of succumbing to endless worry on how to keep your children occupied without plopping them in front of a television or mindless video games, may we suggest a good book?  With a selection from our handy list of winter and holiday classics, your child will be too enthralled to ask for their fifth piece of candy and Fluffy the cat will have peace of mind that last year’s food dye on fur experiments won’t be a yearly pastime.  So snuggle up by the fire and grab your peppermint cocoa, we’ve got a list of 7 spiritually and ethnically diverse favorite winter and holiday books ready to entertain children and adults alike. All are available for sale on our site here and every purchase goes towards our charity give-back.

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