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Bryson Reaume with The Day I Went To Space and Lauren McCutcheon with Dragons and Bunnies

Bryson’s Books is a socially conscious children's book company that pledges to give back 25% of its profits to organizations making real change in the U.S. From literacy programs and poverty alleviation to leadership and mentorship organizations, Bryson’s Books reinforces positive messages on and off the pages of our books.

We collaborate with artists and illustrators to create unique children’s picture books to highlight the work of these artists and share their talents with readers everywhere. Everything you buy here at Bryson’s Books goes on to help children and families in need through our 25% profit donation program.

Our books and products are printed on demand in the USA and reduce the waste common to traditional publishing methods. Our eco-friendly children’s gifts are a fantastic way to give something special while supporting American manufacturing and charities all over the country!

Bryson Reaume

Bryson Reaume founder of Bryson's Books

Who is Bryson Reaume of Bryson’s Books you ask? That is a fantastic question, one I do not think we all ask ourselves enough. Let me start from when I was just a beautiful baby boy (this was confirmed by my Mom) who quickly turned into a wild toddler and then into a hilarious adolescent (again, confirmed by Mom). From there I progressed into my awkward teen stage where I was a chubby kid who liked to wear oversized hooded sweatshirts a lot. I got my first real job when I was 14, weed-whacking for a local fire department contractor. Looking back, I am fairly certain this man was breaking several child labor laws. I then worked in the fast-food industry, became an oil change specialist, laundromat attendant, pizza delivery expert, hip-hop rapper, ditch digger and finally made it to my awkward adult phase. I jumped right into the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic, then became a pilot, a construction worker, project manager, business owner, real estate investor, socially conscious entrepreneur, and a fantastic internal monologue comedian (which is essentially when you make hilarious comments to yourself on things happening around you and then laugh at inopportune moments).

During all of this I was a son and brother and then a husband and father. Which brings us to now! Bryson’s Books is where I create fun books for kids that have positive messages throughout and an amazing, socially conscious give-back with each book. I truly hope you enjoy the books and what they represent.

Lauren McCutcheon

Lauren McCutcheon Operations Manager of Bryson's Books

Lauren McCutcheon oversees all aspects of Bryson’s Books as the Operations Manager, Editor and Jack-of-all-trades. She has been a book-worm child, fashion-obsessed teenager, a world-traveling historian, art-handling archivist and a socially-responsible businesswoman. Lauren is currently pretending to be a grown-up while drinking coffee and, you guessed it, reading books.

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