• 7 Children’s Books to Help Usher in Spring and Celebrate Easter

    Spring is in the air.  It’s that time of year again when pastel tulips, brightly colored eggs and life sized fluffy bunnies all begin to make an appearance.  There’s something symbolic and peaceful for the season where growth and new life emerges with the warmer weather from the doldrums of winter with a bright and airy newness.  Along with the increased temperatures, Springtime means a variety of holidays and celebrations, both religious and secular.

    Whether you celebrate Easter in a formal religious setting or as a secular family get-together, the event is a perfect opportunity to gift a child in your life with a brand new book.  We’ve compiled a list of our 7 favorite Springtime and Easter stories, all available at Bryson’s Books Aer.io store.  Usher in the season by reading one of these with your child this Spring.


    1. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, illustrated by William Nicholson

    This classic childhood story of the love of a child for their nursery toy, the Velveteen Rabbit tugs at the heart strings and remains an enduring and entertaining story years after its original publication.  The calming original illustrations, careful pacing and heartwarming story makes a perfect book to read with younger children or a book shelf staple for independent reading by older kids.

    2. The Story of the Root Children by Sibylle von Olfers

    A beautiful classic story featuring a whimsical explanation for the changing of the seasons.  When the Root Children wake in the Spring from their Winter slumber, childhood readers will be entranced as the characters sew new clothes, paint beetles and bugs and play in the fields.  Mellow colors make this a relaxing bed time read and will be food for imagination and peaceful dreams.

    3. P. Zonka Lays An Egg by Julie Paschkis

    Some of the best things in life take time, patience and planning.  P. Zonka is one hen in a farmyard full of animals.  As the other hens dutifully lay their eggs, P. Zonka instead gazes around the yard day after day, taking in the sites and colors.  When P. Zonka finally lays her egg, it’s as multi-colored as her imagination, providing a true Easter surprise for the other farmyard animals, and young readers.


    4. Easter Babies: A Springtime Counting Book written by Joy N. Hulme and illustrated by Dan Andreasen

    One newborn foal, two brooding hens and a host of other young animals will provide Springtime entertainment and a counting lesson to the youngster in your live.  Gentle faced animals in lovely, mellow spring settings will have even the littlest readers coming back time and again to pour over the illustrations.  Learning never looked, or sounded, this good!

    5. The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers

    Young readers will laugh and exclaim as one little white rabbit tries his hardest to escape the bigger black rabbit that always seems to be chasing him.  At a pivotal moment, white rabbit learns that sometimes, the things that scare us most turn out to be our most valuable qualities.  Beautiful pictures make this story perfect for even young readers, while older children will enjoy the life lessons and talking with parents about facing your fears.

    6. What Is Easter? written by Michelle Medlock Adams and illustrated by Amy Wummer

    The Easter addition to the popular “What is” series of books, What Is Easter will teach the youngest of readers the religious significance and true meaning behind the Easter holiday.  The author gently follows along as two young adventurers question and discover the common symbols and then the actual meaning and significance of Easter.

    7. Afikomen Mambo by Joe Black, illustrated by Linda Prater

    A lively and brightly illustrated story that will teach children about the traditions of Passover.  The accompanying C.D. by the well-known Rabbi Joe Black would make the perfect background as children participate in the actual hunt for the afikomen.  Catchy rhymes will engage and entertain while capturing the spirit and history of the Passover holiday.

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