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    In our most recent book, The Day I Went to Space, we follow the fantastic journey of a boy who shoots off the space one night as he is lying in bed. You may notice that before the story begins, the book opens with the following dedication: “Every child deserves a wonderful bedtime story. It is estimated that 21% of children in the U.S. are living below the poverty line. So, we dedicate this book to those children. Keep your eyes on the stars and never give up!”

    When writing our children’s books, we think about sweet little faces curling up with a storybook at night before going to bed. What we often forget is that many children do not have this important bedtime ritual. For many children, books are not available and the adventures we dream up are never seen by these children. Poverty and its numerous effects on children do not make for the most pleasant bedtime reading material but it is so important to remember the children who live without the very things that make childhood so magical.

    We dedicate The Day I Went to Space to the many children living below the poverty line in the U.S. with the hope that we can do something to improve their lives. That is why we donate 25% of our profits to organizations that help children in need. In honor of that commitment, we will be working with Shelter Partnership to do our part to help eliminate poverty and bring more books into the lives of children in need.

    Shelter Partnership works in a variety of ways to help prevent and solve homelessness; donation distribution, technical assistance to community organizations, public policy research and advocacy and community education. Since 1989 they have secured new donated goods from over 600 companies and has distributed over $210 million worth of goods to more than 550 agencies that serve the homeless and very poor. Bryson’s Books is honored to work with Shelter Partnership and spread the word about their vital programs. To learn more about the work they do and how you can help, visit www.shelterpartnership.org.


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