• Valentine’s Day Reads – Our 7 Favorite Books to Warm the Heart

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    Love is in the air this spring and while your child may be a little young to start learning about the birds and the bees, it’s never too early to teach the basics of strong and healthy relationships.  More than a romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread the messages of love, caring and giving.  Some of our earliest memories of Valentine’s Day involve exchanging special notes of love and friendship with our school mates, parents or friends.  As it happens, we’ve collected a list of 7 books dealing with the holiday itself as well as a variety of other timely issues on love and relationships of all kinds.  Instead of a box of candy this Valentine’s Day, why not gift a child you know with one of these fantastic books, all of which are available at our Aer.io store here.

    1. Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses – The Story of St. Valentine’s Day Symbols by Edna Barth, illustrated by Ursula Ardnt

    Ever wonder why Valentine’s hearts are always red or why cupid carries a bow and arrow?  This engaging and carefully researched book brings history to the modern Valentine’s Day traditions we have all come to take for granted.  An excellent read for audiences young and old alike, detailed illustrations in the margins highlight the informative and lively explanations in the text of the page.

    2. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz

    An anonymous Valentine’s Day delivery spurs a lighthearted mystery of discovery.  The dreary and unhappy Mr. Hatch has his day brightened by a simple, but mistaken, act of kindness.  The character’s initial reaction is topped only by what happens when his neighbors realize the delivery was made to the wrong house.  Themes of community, friendship and neighborly love combine with colorful and bright images to teach younger readers an important lesson about the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

    3. You're Lovable to Me by Kit Weh, illustrated by Sue Anderson

    When six baby bunnies snuggle into bed after a day filled with antics and misbehaving, a mother’s unconditional love is put on display as she recounts all the ways she loves each of her children, no matter what.  By the time Mama bunny’s own Papa shows up, children will be enthralled with the gentle rhymes and beautiful illustrations that fill this multi-generational story.  The soft pastel tones and easy pace make this a modern bed time classic and shows children that love can take many different forms.

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    4. Snoring Beauty by Sudipta Bardham-Quallen, illustrated by Jane Manning

    A little mouse on the eve of his own wedding night is unable to sleep as he has the misfortune of sharing a castle with Sleeping Beauty, who just happens to have a wicked snore!  As mouse attempts to convince Prince Max that ‘Snoring’ Beauty is worth the hassle, despite her flaws, children will be entertained with the silly rhyming and bright illustrations, all while being delivered a subtle message of imperfections, beauty and true love.

    5. Paul Meets Bernadette by Rosy Lamb

    Paul meets Bernadette is a classic boy meets girl story, except boy and girl are both goldfish!  Bernadette drops into Paul’s dreary life only to have his eyes opened to the wonders of the world outside of the fishbowl.  Young children will find a connection with Bernadette’s creative imagination that turns bananas into boats while learning how love and friendship can shift your perspective and influence an entirely new way of thinking about the world and your surroundings.

    6. A Gift for Mama by Linda Ravin Lodding, illustrated by Alison Jay

    Readers’ journey through old Vienna as a young boy, Oskar, sets off with a single coin in search of the perfect present for his mama’s birthday.  Love and compassion proceed as Oksar acquires gifts through trades with the people he encounters throughout the day.  The ending message illustrates trust, kindness and friendship while the perfectly paced story fills young minds with gorgeous, and historically accurate, scenes of another world.

    7. How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Kate Hindley

    Love comes in all shapes and sizes as a young girl provides step by step instructions for how to wash your woolly mammoth.  The absurdity of this heartwarming tale will keep young readers giggling and the detailed watercolor illustrations will have older children and parents pouring over the pages in search of a hidden gem.  A perfect story to illustrate unconditional love of friendship between a child and their pet, no matter how unusual.

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